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School Events

Planning a lock-in, dance, carnival or fundraiser? Below you’ll see just a few of our popular items to get the ideas flowing. Don't stop with these recommendations, check out our other Inflatables, Rides and Activities that will make your event a hit!


Have questions or ready to book? Give us a call and our staff will be more than happy to work with you to create a memorable event for all of your guests! Call us at 231-256-1200 to get started.

Hippo Chow Down

Hippo Chow Down is the life-sized version of the classic "Hungry Hungry Hippo." Your guests will have a blast trying to collect as much "Food" as they can while being restricted by a bungee that tethers them to the inflatable wall. Bring Hungry Hippo to your next event!

Camo Bounce

Looking for a big bounce house with a cool gender-neutral theme? Look no further than the Camo Bounce! This 15'x20' bounce house is perfect for large groups and has a wicked camouflage theme!

camo bounce house inflatable rental

18' Slide

Inflatable slides are one of the most popular inflatables and it's also one of the fastest inflatables to get a large amount of people through. This 18 foot single lane slide is the perfect sized slide for school carnivals and can even fit in most gyms!

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Inflatable slide-single lane

Airbrush Tattoos

Airbrush tattoos is a fun and temporary tattoo fun! Pick from over 100 designs and the multiple colors of temporary airbrush paint will create an awesome temporary tattoo!

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